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Asset Management - Supplies / Maintenance

OTZ integrates the most varied methodologies and algorithms into a single product for efficient asset management, providing an integrated vision of the company's areas of influence.

The preparation of the services is based on consultation, treatment, and analysis of the company's data. This results in more speed and quality information for decision making by managers.

OTZ can develop pendency tracking and create customized dashboards according to each customer's needs.

  • Identification of bottlenecks in the materials acquisition process.
  • Possibility of process change in sectors with high attendance rate.
  • Reduced service time.
  • Identification of equipment/systems without materials with global contracts.
  • Identification of opportunities to create global contracts.
  • Agility in decision making, and prioritization of structuring actions.
  • Historical view, which allows monitoring of action plans.
  • Instant identification of critical suppliers.
  • Monitoring of the action plan.

Monitoring of critical processes.

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